Sunday, February 28, 2010


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Alexis was very excited when one of her friends asked her to make a Tinkerbell cake for his daughter who was turning 7.  (Finally – a “girly” cake hehe! – and who DOESN’T love Tinkerbell!??)

This was a two tiered Marble cake with chocolate frosting. 

The Tinkerbell topper wasn’t hand made – it was a candle purchased from Michaels

Alexis says:  “It was a lot of fun making this cake.  I didn’t get to see the birthday girl’s reaction when she saw it but I hope she loved it!!”


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chocolate Valentine’s Heart

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Carolyn made this heart shaped chocolate tart topped with berries for her lucky husband.

It was definitely a happy Valentine’s Day!


Elegant Wedding Cake

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Here is an elegant wedding cake that Carolyn made for one of her friends.  They wanted simple yet exquisite which is definitely what they got!


A Home Depot Christmas

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Carolyn had made this Home Depot Apron cake for her father’s Christmas Cake.  Even the little Home Depot man was hand crafted by Carolyn using gumpaste.



Rubiks Cube Birthday!

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Alexis’s boyfriend is an avid Rubiks cuber so when Carolyn & Alexis were planning his birthday cake they knew it had to be a Rubik’s Cube!

Her boyfriend was especially happy to see that the “cake is even solvable” (meaning the tiles were strategically placed and the cake could be solved like a regular cube).

It was a hit!


XBOX 360

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One of Alexis’s coworkers asked for an XBOX 360 cake for her friends’ son and this is what transpired.

The buttercream frosting inside the cake was also XBOX green!



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This is a buttercream cake that Alexis and Carolyn made for one of Alexis’s coworkers who loves Spongebob Squarepants.

spongebob cake

The big 3-0

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Here are a couple of cakes the girls did for each of their friends’ 30th birthday.

The first cake was for Carolyn’s friend who loves anything girly!  We made sure to use funky colors and topped the cake with a shoe and a clutch.  When Carolyn delivered the cake, the birthday girl was ecstatic about it.  That kind of reaction is why we love making these cakes!


The next cake was for Alexis’s friends’ 30th birthday.  Her husband loved the Mickey Mouse cake we did for their son so he asked Alexis to do his wife’s 30th birthday cake.  She knew Alexis would be making it but had no idea what it would be and was pleasantly surprised with the theme since the birthday girl is very much a Sex in the City fan!

The cake topper was a Strawberry Champagne Jello shot in a martini glass.  :)


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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The son of one of Alexis’s friends was turning 2 so when she was asked to do his birthday cake she knew it had to be extra special! 


Little Girls Love Cupcakes!

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In the last post we asked who didn’t love cupcakes – and we know for sure young girls DO love cupcakes!  Especially cake sized cupcakes!  Here are a few cake sized birthday cupcakes for a few lucky little ladies!

Pink & starry:


This was for our cousin’s daughter’s first birthday.  It was a cake feast:  Large cupcake cake, regular sized sprinkle cupcakes & cake balls!





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Who doesn’t love cupcakes?   Cupcakes are what started the cake decorating trend for Alexis who had been decorating them before Carolyn had asked to do the cake decorating course.

Alexis figured the course could only help with the cupcake decorating and from there the rest was history!

These Christmas cupcakes are what started it all for Alexis:

Picture 015

Oreo Cupcakes:


Pink Buttercream Cupcake:


Carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting.


Piano Cake

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This piano cake was maple flavored which Carolyn had created for her grandmother.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boy oh Boy

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There seem to have been a lot of boys born in the past year.  Below are a few of the baby shower cakes we’ve done – and they were all for boys!






Birthday Cakes

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Just a few of the birthday cakes made over the past year.





For the chocolate lovers

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For all of you chocolate lovers, here are a few cakes to get that sweet tooth working!



50th Birthday

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There was a surprise birthday planned for our mother in law’s 50th birthday.  We decided to make an extravagant 3 tiered cake.

The top two layers were Carrot Cake frosted with cream cheese frosting.  The center layer was chocolate cake frosted with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

It was definitely a hit!




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This cute car cake Carolyn made for her hubby since he is an avid car lover. 

So cute!


Fishing Boat

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This was a unique cake made for someone who has spent a lot of time on Fishing boats.  The cake was made using a bundt pan and the boat rested on the “dip” in the center. 

Alexis hand crafted the fishing boat while Carolyn made several crabs, fish and shells to accent the cake with.

Brown sugar was used to create a “sand” effect around the edge.



The gift of cake

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This was a beautiful present cake Carolyn made that her friends got to enjoy.  What is better than the gift of delicious cake?


Spring Cakes

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These were a few of the cakes the ladies made to celebrate the changing season.





Dreaming of the Beach

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Alexis made this beach scene cake inspired by the upcoming trip she was taking to Dominican Republic.

It was a great way to pass the time only to get closer to the upcoming trip!



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We learned the technique of Basketweaving in one of our classes.  It looks quite intricate but it was actually quite easy to do.

Both of us were pleased with our end results.

Carolyn’s Cake:


Alexis’ Cherry Blossom Cake:


Valentines Day

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The first cake we had to make in our cake decorating class conveniently landed just before Valentine’s Day. 

Here is a cute heart shaped cake Carolyn made with a wonderful burst of colors.  Her hubby definitely enjoyed it!



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Welcome to If the Cake Fits!  This is a blog to showcase the many cakes that Carolyn & Alexis have created.

When Carolyn approached Alexis with the suggestion to take a cake decorating course together they never knew it would begin the wonderful journey together.  It ended up being a great bonding experience and the rest is history!

We hope you enjoy this blog!


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